A Quarter Century of Silence Interrupted

The history of music is captured in an ever-changing variety of forms. While some are keen to max out on the contemporary ease in sharing and transferring digital versions of their favorite bands' creativity, a growing number of afficionados are returning to the classical format of a music record, the vinyl.

A recurring fascination with an actual physical piece of sounds has not surpassed Lithuania either. As local music makers continue occasional releases of 12 inch plastic plates of their own, for the last 25 years no project brought a bunch of them together in one record, until now. Through collaborative works that followed a passionate initial discussion, Klaipėda's own music bar Kaštonas gathered the best of the contemporary Lithuanian musicians. Promptly entitled "Kaštono garsai (Chestnut Sounds)", it presents the exciting variety of local music producers and song writers who have visited the harbortown during last year. And what a nice bunch it was.

The return of compilation LP format starts out with the man who knows a thing or two about being the icon of relevance. Maestro Andrius Kulikauskas, the composer who recorded his last vinyl before most current musical acts were even born, opens the inviting doors, where the listener is met by the versatile experts of positivity, the Ministry of Echology collective. The trip leads to the encounter with Keymono, the frequent flying internationals with inspiring goals. The tour of the first room ends with surrounding care from Markas Palubenka.

The side B of the release begins with a classic-to-be by the charming Giedrė and there is nothing to add because she is as amazing as all of her music. The young Nervas handle their emotions well when following the queen and make their presence heard with youthful confidence. Here is where it gets mystical, because there is The Bus, the regular recognition collector. The musical rollercoaster through language, melody and feelings reaches the final room, where Domantas Razauskas confirms the decision of doing this again soon.

A limited edition release of a hundred was available through prebooking, seeing the great majority of copies reserved within the first 36 hours. Presented at the same venue where the idea for it became an actual piece, it was introduced by Ministry of Echology, who served as artistic inspiration throughout the development of this project. After a roaring welcoming by the crowd, the event set base for a confirmed release of the 2nd Chestnut sounds vinyl by 2015.

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